Corporate Security For Overseas Risk Mitigation

Knowing the local environment is a fundamental aspect of risk mitigation. ESI Risk will provide your organization with a comprehensive program to minimise risk to your staff when travelling to unfamiliar destinations or high threat environments.

Corporate Security Services

ESI Risk has worked in over 44 countries worldwide and has an established and far reaching intelligence network, vital in preparing for in–country logistics, threat assessments and security provision. We have established and trusted relationships at Government level and in country Diplomatic Missions, as well as the with security forces in the countries in which we work. These relationships enable ESI Risk to provide factual real time information on issue which may impact on our clients.

ESI Risk can arrange protective services for your company’s executives and employees. Here are some of the corporate security services ESI Risk can provide: 

Analyse country-specific
security risks or terrorist threats

ESI Risk will gather intelligence in the destination country through established contacts developed over 25+ years and provide a comprehensive threat assessment document to our client.

Assist with due diligence inquires

Provide in-depth analyses of new parties our clients are considering entering into business partnerships with.

ESI Risk support during transit movements

ESI Risk, assess each movement of your key staff in challenging security environments. The risk factor is accentuated when transiting through non sterile publicly accessible areas.

Advanced surveillance of foreign business location and facilities

Conduct built environment audits of the premises to be utilized for client activities.

Provide personal security to your executives and employees

To ensure an enhanced level of security for key staff members, ESI Risk personnel will provide personal security to your staff on a around the clock basis.

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Customised Corporate Security

Each Corporate client has their own specific requirements, no two are exactly the same. ESI Risk assist clients in formulating a program which addresses their corporate requirements, depending on your needs.

ESI Risk can provide programs ranging from planning, documenting and implementing a holistic security and risk mitigation overlay to auditing existing in house protocols or simply providing a written report outlining potential risk.

ESI Risk can continually monitor on your behalf any aspect of your Security and Risk Mitigation program ensuring that documented deliverables are being met.

ESI Risk's Corporate Clients

ESI Risk has provided risk control and security consulting services to prominent multinational corporations worldwide.  

Past services include deploying security and emergency service (medical and fire fighters) to companies operating in remote areas.  

ESI Risk has provided close personal protection and security personnel for multinational corporations as well as establishing evacuation strategies and company security doctrines for multinational mining groups in China, Indonesia, Kenya and New Caledonia. 

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